Bill had built a significant portfolio of assets over his lifetime. Following the death of his wife, it became apparent to him that his estate would be facing a large tax bill on his death. He wanted to ensure money was passed to his family in a tax efficient way.

What we did

It was a complex situation that required us to consider a number options to ensure money was passed down a generation without incurring any undue tax liability. In particular, his daughter was still at an age where it wasn’t prudent to give full access to the money passed to her.

Careful planning and consideration of the issues led us to establish a Trust arrangement and take advantage of the rules around gifting for legacy planning purposes.

What we achieved

Bill now has full control over his investments. He maximises gifting from his estate to further reduce his tax liability on death and the family are safe in the knowledge that sound plans are in place, passing wealth on to future generations.

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