The development of tailored financial plans that meet individual requirements can only be achieved through a carefully planned process. At Astute Wealth we call this the ‘client journey’. Over the years, we have refined this journey to ensure you have peace of mind through a clear understanding of the actions needed to achieve your lifestyle goals. You can follow the journey here – at a glance, by looking at the milestones along the way – and in detail, by clicking on each milestone to understand what is involved at each step.

Any journey should be properly prepared for, which is why we always start with:

  • You will receive a Preparation Pack before our Discovery Meeting
  • This pack will include your Discovery Meeting Agenda and contain various documents for your attention.
  • To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from this meeting, we ask that you bring the information requested… this is a very important step in the process.
  • The Discovery Meeting typically lasts no more than two hours.
  • Together we will discuss both your financial and personal goals and objectives: what you want out of life for yourself, your partner and your family.

Without a doubt, this is definitely the most inspiring and interesting part of the meeting for you – and us!

  • We confirm where you are in your journey by recording your current financial data and personal circumstances.
  • We will also need to discuss such things as how investment risk might impact on your objectives by explaining how Astute Wealth Management invests clients’ money.
  • Once we are absolutely clear about your personal circumstances, we are then in a position to confirm how we might help.
  • We also obtain formal authority from you so that we can analyse and monitor any existing financial plans and policies you currently have.

Now we are in a position to explain the choices of service available you. You will be pleased to know there is no cost at this stage!

  • Now that we know much more about each other, it is time to decide whether we both want to commit to a long–term working relationship.
  • If so, together we choose which of Astute Wealth Management’s services will be best suited for you.
  • We will, of course, inform you of all appropriate fees before we proceed.
  • Once we have agreed to work together, we ask for a deposit to contribute towards the cost of the initial work: this will be credited to your account.
  • The Astute team liaises with the relevant investment and insurance companies as well as your other professional advisers, such as solicitors and accountants, to obtain all the necessary information in respect of your existing financial situation.
  • We then create your Personal Financial Planning report, together with any relevant recommendations.
  • We provide you with your written Financial Plan, outlining the information gathered at the Discovery Meeting.
  • Next we look at Contingency Planning.
  • We produce a current and future Cash Flow analysis.
  • Your goals, needs and requirements are defined in the context of your personalised Financial Plan.
  • We discuss recommendations for possible ways forward.
  • Together, we decide in what order you wish to address your priorities.
  • Your timeframe for the implementation of the recommendations is discussed and agreed.
  • We inform you of all applicable fees before proceeding.


  • We complete our research to establish the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • All relevant documents and information are obtained to ensure you fully understand why the solutions we propose are being recommended.
  • A ‘Suitability Report’ for each agreed recommendation is compiled and sent to you to confirm the suitability of our advice.
  • All documentation completed.
  • Provider contact – ensuring speedy processing of documentation.
  • Handling enquiries from Investment / Life Offices as well as your Solicitor if any legal work is involved, and your accountant if any accountancy work is required.
  • Chasing reports from GP Practices in case of any insurance underwriting requirement based on recommendation.
  • Written valuations report provided.
  • Written, updated lifetime cash flow and Net asset report.
  • Respond to enquiries from providers and your other professional advisers.
  • Annual face to face meeting with additional interim review meetings subject to service level chosen.
  • Together we discuss both your financial and personal situation to update our records and your financial plan.
  • We discuss your Investment Risk Profile to ensure that your investment portfolio remains appropriate and continues to perform in line with expectations.
  • Review your income and expenditure.
  • We revisit earlier discussions about your personal goals for the future, your ambitions and dreams, so that we can update your Financial Plan to reflect any changes, and ensure everything is on track.